Wedge, Weigh and Wheel

Wedging, like kneading dough, is the first step in prepping the clay. Shaping into even-weighted balls of clays help with size consistency. Sitting comfortably at my spinning wheel, it's time to ”throw pots”.

Trimming and Accessorize

After drying to a leather-hard stage, pots can be shaped even more with special trimming tools. Handles to a mug, or knobs to a jar, or feet to a bowl get added at this stage.

Drying and First Firing

After drying from leather-hard to bone dry, it's time to load the kiln for their first firing, called the bisque. The kiln is brought up to 1850 degrees and approximately eight hours later, it's done!

Wash, Wax and Glaze

After the kiln is cooled, every piece gets washed, waxed and colored! Applying glazes is the final stage. After weeks of getting to this point, it's very exciting!

Final Firing

All pots go back in the kiln and fired to 2285 degrees! After 12 hours of firing and 24 hours of cooling, it's time to open the kiln to see the results! Maybe your personalized piece is in there!

Welcome and thank you for visiting Lori Martone Pottery!

For thousands of years, mankind has used earth, fire and water to create beautiful as well as practical pottery vessels and objects to ease and enrich their lives. I am always humbled knowing that the earth continues to supply this natural resource and give me an opportunity to turn it into a work of art.

Lori Martone Pottery has made functional stoneware pottery in my New Hampshire studio since 1983. Each piece of pottery is individually wheel thrown, glazed and fired by me. Hand thrown pottery plates, mugs, bowls, vases, planters, compost jars, hanging slates, wine chillers, goblets, and pets bowls are just some of the stoneware pottery items available on this site.

I hope to provide you, the new owner of a piece of Lori Martone Pottery, with the timeless beauty and joy that only an art object can. I invite you to peruse the following pages to learn more about the art of hand thrown pottery, me, and view the gallery. Besides what you see here on this website, pieces can be made special for you, even with personalization.

Each piece of Lori Martone Pottery is signed with an L .


Nesting Bowls, cereal bowls, pasta bowls, soup bowls, salt and pepper bowls, ice cream bowls, serving bowls, fruit bowls, decorative bowls, mixing bowls, and pottery bowls for everything!

Plates and Platters

One pottery plate, a set of plates, dinner plates or little dessert plates with matching pie plate or beautiful hand-thrown stoneware platters that stand on their own.


From one inch to 15 inches tall, pottery vases are not just for flowers anymore! My signature tiny vases hold toothpicks, Q-tips, paperclips, crayons, and more.


Getting ready in the morning is easier with your favorite pottery mug. You'll love the way it feels in your hands and the drink will taste even better knowing it's hand-thrown with love.

Pet Bowls

WOOF! BOW WOW! KITTY KAT! Every since my very first puppy, I’ve been amazed at all the ways I’ve learned to adore him. These pottery pet bowls are made with love! Single and pairs, each with artsy labeling. Personalization available too!

More Pieces

Wine Chillers and Goblets, Hanging Slates, Planters, Compost Jars and more! On a whim, I'll make some pottery mirrors, pottery lamps, pottery clocks or something unique and not part of my on-going line. Check often to find a one-of-a-kind treasure.